When searching for the right senior care community, there’s a lot to consider. It can be a challenging and overwhelming process, but the stress can be eased by taking steps to ensure you find the right fit. Here are the 5 tips we recommend to help find the right senior care community for you and your loved ones.

Do Your Research

There are many factors to consider when looking for senior care communities.
Do they offer the care services you or your loved one require? What kind of activities do they offer? Is there an onsite medical facility? Start by determining what is important to you and then research the facilities in your area by reading reviews, testimonials and their website to narrow down which best matches your list of important items.

Speak to a Staff Member

While there is a lot of information on senior care community websites, a personal conversation is always best. By speaking with staff members, you are able to understand more fully what they have to offer and find who you connect with on a personal level.

Determine the Right Care Level

There are many “levels of care” to choose from and every facility is different in what they offer. It can be difficult to know which “level” is right for you or your loved one. Think through what is needed on a daily and weekly basis to ensure you or your loved one is cared for properly and then when speaking to facility staff ask about how they customize care for each resident to ensure that your needs are met. You may find that a certain senior care community is a better fit for you based on how they care for each individual resident.

Consider Pricing

Senior living costs have a very wide range depending on the facility and care needs. It is important that you establish a price point that you are comfortable with and discuss that with the senior care community staff. Insurance is another important item to touch on while having this discussion.

Take a Tour

It is important to choose a senior care community that is comforting and feels like home. Many facilities offer virtual tours for you to see the environment and ask questions. Due to COVID-19 and limitations, you can’t schedule an in-person tour, but you can schedule a virtual tour that allows you to still have a chance to experience the environment of the facility. A virtual tour is a great way to gain a better understanding of what daily life is like for residents. Ask to see rooms, common spaces, and meet residents if possible!

By following these tips, you can make an informed decision and choose the community that feels like home for you. If you’re ready to start learning more about the community at Grace Pointe contact us today and we can answer any questions or concerns that you may have or schedule a virtual tour!