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Our History

Grace Pointe Senior Care Community has been privately and locally owned and staffed by compassionate and skilled caregivers since 2009. From humble beginnings to the vibrant campus we have today, we are passionate about where we’ve come from and what the future has in store. Every day, our goal is to be a vital part of the Greeley Community as a God-honoring business.


Humble Beginnings

In the early 2000’s, the mission, model and first ever milestone for Grace Pointe was made. We acquired the grounds that we call home today from a loving man and his family who held a great deal of history with long term care in support of his wife’s wellbeing. Upon being introduced to the idea of Grace Pointe, he was very pleased to see plans for the property to turn into a type of facility similar to that which had helped his family for so many years.


A Groundbreaking Development

From that point forward, we started working with firms and engineers to design a place that would provide a Continuum of Care for residents through all of life’s journeys. 

In 2008, Grace Pointe began to take shape and shortly after, Grace Pointe became that place. With a tremendous amount of love, a solid foundation to build on and quite a bit of legwork from family and friends, Grace Pointe was born. 

An Environment for Every Lifestyle

The sons of Founder Steve Briscoe worked with developing the facility from the very first stages throughout today. This involvement helped them to apply the values passed down through their family for generations to work hard and serve others, further providing that Grace Pointe is a place of great principle.

A Revolving Door to an Evolving Life

Grace Pointe is relatively new, however we are constantly upgrading every part of the property to evolve with the needs of our community. To date, we have updated our facility many times, including the development of a new Community Room for a variety of gatherings, expanding our dining hall to accommodate banquets and events, enhancing our therapeutic center and gym for rehabilitation, increasing our Assisted Living area by 26 spaces, and more. Looking to the future, Grace Pointe will expand services to include more independent living options for seniors. Quality of life encompasses every aspect of Grace Pointe, providing a plethora of activities and on-site happenings to residents and guests in addition to its many amenities.

Moving Toward the Future, Together

At Grace Pointe, every single day is special to us, whether we are able to rehabilitate someone and return them to an active life, restore a fulfilling lifestyle long term, or ease caretaking concerns and provide the well-deserved upliftment, honor and dignity to residents who are fulfilling their journey in life. It is our greatest privilege to find someone to help and serve every single day.