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Testimonials From Our Residents, Staff, Partners and Families

Listen to stories of what it’s like at Grace Pointe from those closest to us. From safety and resident activities to family communication and partner relations, let our residents, staff, partners and families give you the inside scoop.

Resident & Family Testimonials

I spent four weeks at Grace Pointe in their rehab facility. I have to say it was the best rehab experience I have ever had (and I’ve had several). All personnel were so pleasant all the time. I didn’t think it was possible to find so many cheerful people in one place. The therapists are top notch professionals who made the exercises fun. Between therapy sessions there was always something fun to do with the activities director, or quiet time to relax. We had musical entertainers , card games, bingo, manicures, and even a tea party with real English china, hats and refreshments. The four weeks passed so quickly. The food was amazing, and there were plenty of options if one didn’t care for what was on the daily menu. I made a lot of new friends while there. If the ratings went to ten, I would give Grace Pointe a ten! If I ever have to go to rehab again, or into assisted living, Grace Pointe will be my first choice.

Marcia Peterson

I have lived at Grace Pointe for six years in the Assisted Living neighborhood. I have been impressed with the effort the administration has put out to communicate with the residents. That was especially notable during all of the Covid pandemic and all of it’ s challenges and stresses. The employees at Grace Pointe put out a good effort to communicate with the residents. Each department works hard to communicate problems and find solutions to the problems. I’ve had many health issues and the transportation that they provide to my many appointments has been awesome. The staff is very personable and friendly. The housekeeping staff makes a concentrated effort to keep up the appearance and cleanliness set at a high standard. The activities planned each day are varied, interesting, and sometime just fun. The dietary department adjusts my meals to meet my dietary challenges and they have worked hard to overcome the supply problems and delivery problems, etc. to provide meals for everybody. Hope to have you as a new neighbor here at Grace Pointe.

Mary DiGregorio

Grace Pointe is clean and lovely place to live. My Mother was in the complete care unit. They did a wonderful job with her. She passed in June, but it was peaceful and dignified. I would recommend this Senior Living environment to anyone who is looking for a safe and nice place to live.

Kim Wason

My father has been in the skilled nursing facility of Grace Pointe for over five years. My father is loved, cared for, and made to feel like he is part of a family at Grace Pointe. He is taken care of by a top-notch physician, caring nursing and CNA staff, and a trusted rehabilitation team. He loves the meals, and looks forward to the wide variety of activities. My father’s life was changed forever by a stroke, and we will always be truly grateful for the support that was given to my father and our family during that difficult time by the staff at Grace Pointe.

Jo Hilzer

Grace Pointe is our very favorite rehab, asst. living, and long term care facility out of the 3 places we have placed our mother in the last three years. They are above and beyond excellent in every level of care! The staff in itself is amazing, It’s as if our mother is taken care of by family. The Doctors, nurses, therapists, cooks, the front desk staff and drivers personalize everything they do for her and us from the heart, We couldn’t ask for more!

Jody Brewer

My husband Guy goes to the memory care unit at Grace pointe. He absolutely loves it! The entire staff nurtures him (and me) with kindness and compassion. They have meaningful activities and music and trips and gardening and recognize his need to be helpful by finding tasks that give him purpose. Both the nursing staff and the administrative staff are responsive and available to our changing needs. I am so grateful.

Nancy Elder

I resided at Grace Pointe for 1 1/2 months due to a broken arm and leg. The care I got was wonderful. The physical therapy has allowed me to be back to where I was prior to the accident. Should I ever need care in the future this is definitely where I would go.

Susan Breeden

My mother is in Long Term Care at Grace Pointe Senior Care in Greeley. I appreciate their support and kindness during mom’s admission & adjustment to LTC. Staff was and is extremely kind to my mother & our family. We appreciate Grace Points’ high level of effort towards her safety and well-being. Staff treats my mom with respect and dignity. It is such a relief to know mom is safe. Grace Pointe gives her the care she needs and deserves… Much thanks to all levels of Grace Pointe staff!

Karen West Wente

Grace Pointe Senior Care Community is such a beautiful, and friendly facility right in the most convenient area of Greeley. Their compassionate team is always going out of their way to make residents feel at home with engaging and fun activities. They are always sharing photos on their social media of all of the residents having fun, and I love their Care Mail program. It makes us feel close to our family at all times – even during COVID when we couldn’t see them in person. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a warm, friendly place for your family members.

Kerrie Luginbill

Mom moved into Grace Pointe assisted living three years ago following a stay at their rehabilitation unit after having taken a fall. She had lifelong friends who had resided there and at other facilities and all told her it was the best in Greeley. She never regretted taking their advice and was welcomed into a beautiful new home with a warm, friendly staff who became her extended family. When her health required her to move into the skilled nursing care unit, she was relieved she was able to stay within the building without having to relocate to a new facility. She loved the staff and our family loved the kindness they lavished on her. When Mom passed away, staff and administration throughout the building made a point of sharing their condolences and little touching stories about her with our family. Again, I can’t begin to express my appreciation for the dignity and love the Grace Pointe family provided to our mother. As an elder law attorney, I meet with clients and family members every day who have to make life altering choices as to the care of themselves and loved ones. I am so pleased that Mom’s decision to move to Grace Pointe gave her and our family the assurance that she was surrounded by a caring and compassionate extended family in which she was able to place her trust.

Steve Strandberg and the family of Charlotte Strandberg

I have been involved with Grace Pointe for the last 9 years, and my experience has been exceptional. If and when it becomes time for my parents to look for senior housing I can only hope I find a place as beautiful and welcoming as Grace Pointe. The people who work there truly take the mission of serving others to heart, and is exemplified every single day in their compassion and dedication to their residents. What a wonderful facility!

Michael Akers

Grace Pointe is a wonderful place! The people who give me care have done everything for me in a way that I would have done for myself. My husband and I both have been cared for in rehab, assisted living and independent living. I don’t know where we would be in life without the care and love we receive at Grace Pointe. They saved our lives and I will forever be grateful. The people at Grace Pointe who care for me have been an answer to my prayers.

Mary Ellen Briscoe

My mother is in her second rehab stay at Grace Pointe and the people and facility have been wonderful. I can’t say that the second stay is as positive as the first, but that is perhaps due to the severity of my mother’s illness this time. When I was searching for a rehab facility a year ago I had many facilities that refused my mom due to her size and medical conditions. Grace Pointe listened to the complicated needs of our family and welcomed us with open arms. I am grateful that my mother has such a caring facility to help her on her road to recovery.

Laurie Carlson

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