Independent Living in Greeley

At Grace Pointe of Greeley, Your Family is Our Family

Independent Living at Grace Pointe is the perfect alternative for residents who wish to enjoy an active, fulfilling life without the worries of household maintenance. Maintain your independence in a private apartment while enjoying the peace of mind that community living, with security features and medical experts nearby, brings.

Experience the reassurance of a continuum of care that evolves with you through Independent Living at Grace Pointe Senior Care in Greeley, Colorado.

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Grace Pointe of Greeley: Independent Living for Your Evolving Care Needs

At Grace Pointe, a family-owned haven for independent living, we extend our commitment to you by ensuring seamless transitions within our continuum of care. Our promise to you and your family is to be more than an independent living community; we’re a trusted partner in your journey. As a family-owned establishment, we invite you to peek behind the curtain anytime, witnessing the authentic care, compassion, and dedication that define the heart and soul of Grace Pointe.

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The Grace Pointe of Greeley Difference

What is the Independent Living Experience Like at Grace Pointe of Greeley?

Indulge in Engaging Activities

Revel in a vibrant lifestyle at Grace Pointe of Greeley’s Independent Living, where residents can participate in a variety of group and individual activities designed to foster a sense of community and well-being.

Prioritize Your Wellness

Benefit from an array of wellness classes tailored to enhance physical health and mental well-being, supporting an active and fulfilling lifestyle for our independent living residents.

Convenient Medical Transportation

Rest easy knowing that medical transportation services are readily available, providing convenient access to healthcare appointments and ensuring that your loved one’s well-being is a top priority.

Stay Connected with Modern Amenities

Enjoy the comforts of modern living with extended cable TV and wireless internet connectivity, keeping residents connected to the world and entertained in the comfort of their independent living space.

Effortless Living with Included Services

Experience a maintenance-free lifestyle at Grace Pointe, where laundry, house cleaning, and chef-prepared meals are seamlessly provided, allowing your loved one to focus on what truly matters.

24-Hour Emergency Response for Peace of Mind

Our commitment to safety includes 24-hour emergency response services, ensuring that your loved one is supported and cared for around the clock, providing peace of mind for both residents and their families.

Experience Seamless Transitions

With a commitment to nurturing continuity and community, our residents can enjoy the benefits of independent living while knowing that, if ever needed, supportive services can be seamlessly integrated, ensuring a consistent and caring environment.

Customized Independent Living Community

Unlike many senior care communities in Colorado that implement a base price and tiered levels of care, where patients pay for everything within a predetermined care level, Grace Pointe adopts a unique and personalized approach. We offer 100% customizable care packages for our patients and residents, ensuring that you only pay for the services you truly need.

This approach not only addresses concerns about costs but also ensures that each resident receives individualized care, promoting a sense of independence within our comprehensive spectrum of independent living services.

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Independent Living Floor Plans

Our range of floor plans are designed to cater to diverse needs and preferences, providing the perfect living space for each resident. This comprehensive approach not only addresses concerns about costs but also ensures that each resident receives tailored care while enjoying the independence offered by our thoughtfully designed floor plans within our spectrum of independent living services.

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