Independent Living

Independent Living at Grace Pointe is the perfect alternative for residents who wish to enjoy an active, fulfilling life without the worries of household maintenance.

Maintain your independence in a private apartment while enjoying the peace of mind that community living, with security features and medical experts nearby, brings.

Older Gentlemen talking over brunch

Independent Living Services We Provide

  • Group & Individual Activities
  • Wellness Classes
  • Transportation
  • Cable TV
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Laundry
  • House Cleaning
  • Restaurant Reservations

“I’ve lived here for nearly 5 months. I moved here because I only wanted to move once and knew that I could get more care later if I needed it.  I feel secure here and Grace Pointe now feels like home. My kids are relieved that I’m here and close to them and they love to visit. There is always a lot of activities going on and I love the beautiful gardens, comfortable library and attractive dining rooms.  The staff is outstanding, they go above and beyond and give great service. They really listen and are helpful and from the day I moved in have always greeted me and my family by name, it helped me feel comfortable here from the beginning.” – Beverly