Family-owned businesses are unique. The question is, how do they still thrive in today’s competitive environment? To be a successful family-owned business in healthcare, they must be not only well-founded but also well-run. When a business such as Grace Pointe has been founded, owned, and run within a single-family setting, not only does it provide a strong story of our business, but it tells our customers where our focus is. A family-owned senior living campus can emphasize the culture and qualities like family life.

Six of the most notable benefits of working for a family-owned senior care provider includes:

1. When You Work For a Family-Owned Business, There is a Greater Sense of Commitment and a Unified Team

When you work for a family-owned business, one of the first things you’ll notice is the level of commitment employees have to each other and the business itself. From newer employees to those committed for many years, employees tend to feel much closer to their coworkers and residents. This closeness can translate to a compassionate and unified team made up of people who genuinely enjoy coming to work. Family-owned and -run senior care providers can achieve, support, and elevate a sense of stability in their team and the organization’s structure and culture.

2.  Family-Owned Businesses are Built on Trust and Authenticity

Being part of a family-owned senior care campus brings out the best in everyone. Employees of all levels work closely and may feel they have a voice. There can be a set of trust created that can bring out high-quality work in the team and provides them with an atmosphere where they feel comfortable to express thoughts and ideas. Trust is unique but clear in most successful family-owned and operated senior care settings. When trust exists among the owners, staff, residents, families, and community, there is an ability to talk, discuss, and disagree more openly and freely. As the owners foster a sense of trust, the staff and employees can have space for authenticity, creating a culture of trust allowing for continued growth and development.

3. Gain Job Stability in an Ever-Changing Job Market

Stability has been an interesting concept over the last year and a half.  Health care has fought hard against itself for a reducing workforce. Some family-owned and operated health care providers have benefited from having continuity and support for each other compared to large providers and systems own. There is an opportunity for development and growth in a local family-owned company because the team is made of those who know who they are dealing with and what kind of work to expect daily. Employees having clear expectations allows for higher employee retention attributed to the team bonds rather than to the bottom line. To support the morale and avoid conflict, family-owned businesses are less inclined to scale back their workforce during economic struggles. A decreased turnover rate is a long-term benefit to the team and the residents they care for. It can be seen as a source of quality service, professionalism, and respect. When a family is committed to the Senior care center, it allows for deep ties to each other, the care they provide, and most importantly, their residents’ satisfaction.

4. Family-Owned Businesses Create a Higher Level of Care

family outside on a patio

One of the most obvious advantages of working for a family-owned business is the element of care. From staff-involved activities to training, there can be a culture of the happiest and most caring employees out there. Not only does this make for a more pleasant work environment, but the quality of the care being provided for their residents often increases along with it. In addition, when a business focuses on respect, unity, trust, and teamwork, employees are motivated to perform at higher levels for their residents, families, and the community.

5. When You Feel Connection at Work- You Take More Pride in What You Do

A properly run family-owned business allows for everyone to feel like a member of a team. Each member of the team takes the responsibility seriously, and it reflects in their work ethic. The more pride they feel that they are part of the extended family, the more likely employees are to keep striving to put in their best effort each day they are with the company. Interpersonal connection at work is the main driver of worker engagement and satisfaction, based on research from SHRM, the human resources trade association.

6. Join a Team that Shares the Same Long-Term Goals and Vision

In a local and family-based senior care facility, you have a team and culture that focuses on the same long-term goals of supplying the best quality of care and compassion for those they serve. These businesses often last because they have proven goals in mind. Long-term goals are not just for the business but also for the team that helps move the company forward. Family-owned businesses like here at Grace Pointe emphasize supplying excellent qualityservices for their residents, families, and communities and supporting their team for the long term. This long-term vision allows for creative decision-making and strategy to meet goals.

As a Greeley, Colorado, family-owned senior care facility, we continue to strive to hire, grow and keep a quality team of caregivers who are dedicated to our residents, the service we provide, and compassion toward our residents, families, and community. Learn more about our team and culture here at Grace Pointe.

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