Your loved one may feel apprehensive about moving to an assisted living community. But with the variety of assisted living activities to choose from, they’ll find themselves feeling right at home in no time. 

Residents of assisted living communities often argue they’re in the prime of their lives. Sure, they need support here and there, but they’re ready and eager to enjoy their lives and spend their time doing things that bring them joy. 

Assisted living activities are designed with this mentality in mind. At first, moving to an assisted living community can feel like giving up time and freedom. On the contrary, it’s gaining more freedom to enjoy your time. Here are some examples of a few residents who found themselves enjoying their assisted living community.

The Musician

Henry is a veteran, a widower, and a father. Hard-working in all that he’s done, from his career to his hobbies. One of those hobbies is singing and playing songs on his guitar. Over the years, he’s used his music to work through and process his life’s many adventures; he’s since come quite to enjoy playing his music for other people.

Through Henry’s years in retirement, he’s found that he can’t get around the way he’d always been able to. He uses the cane his wife had bought for him, but as of late, he’s needed extra support. He makes the most of it, though, as staying put allows him more time to play his guitar. 

Henry’s grown children had been spending more time with him to help him fetch things and run errands. He was unsure when they mentioned an assisted living community as a good option to get him the extra support he needs. Henry believed assisted living activities consisted of bingo and canasta; he didn’t want to give up his music.

As the story goes, Henry complied with his children’s suggestions and moved to an assisted living community. To his surprise, he’s had the time of his life. Henry has a regular and grateful audience to play his music for at the community music night, and he’s also found other musicians to play with. Together they’ve found their sound and have even toyed with the idea of touring other assisted living communities.

The Gardener

George is a retired mechanic, a brother, and as curious as they come. During his career in the automotive industry, George used his curiosity to create innovative methods and practices for tackling the many mechanical issues that came his way. He loved watching things work as they should.

Around the time George retired, he took up gardening as a hobby and has since developed quite the green thumb. His garden, filled with a variety of vegetables and beautiful flowers, has been his whole focus over the last few years. So much so that he often lacks the energy to and interest in cooking for himself.

George’s sister has assisted by cooking meals for him but has discovered she can no longer afford the extra time to provide this support. She did some research and found that an assisted living community may be a good fit for her brother. When she brought it up to him, however, George, though understanding, was afraid to leave his garden behind.

George now lives in an assisted living community, and while he gave up his garden at home, he’s enjoyed a new one here. Some of his fellow gardening club members have offered helpful tips that have made this garden even more beautiful than the last.

The Party Planner

Jeanie is a mother, a wife, and the life of the party. She loves the details associated with planning events. For Jeanie, the joy others experience at her events makes it all worth it. She was a stay-at-home mom while her children were growing up and volunteered to plan every birthday party, every holiday get-together, and as her children moved through the education system, every graduation celebration.

As her children are now grown, and she and her husband have settled into retirement, they’ve begun conversations about an assisted living community. Aware that some of their daily activities will become more difficult as they continue to age, they’re hoping to find a safe environment to age in place.

In typical Jeanie fashion, she planned the whole move. She found the perfect place in a town not too far from their home, and before they moved in, she even threw a party to celebrate this next step. As they’ve settled into their new home, Jeanie has found her way onto the party planning committee and has continued to find great joy in bringing people together.

Assisted Living Activities for Every Hobby at Grace Pointe

At Grace Pointe, we make it a priority to provide our residents with assisted living activities tailored to their interests. From games and exercise to get-togethers and getting outdoors, there’s an assisted living activity available for every hobby.

Schedule a tour to uncover all the ways you or your loved one can continue to live the life you’ve grown to love.

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