At Grace Pointe, we are a community and a family. From our residents to our staff, we understand that everyone has a unique story to tell. We sat down with Erik, our Director of Business Services to hear what he thinks makes Grace Pointe so special.

Why is Grace Pointe different from other facilities?

Grace Pointe is unique in that we are a family-owned business. That is what sets us apart. We have the ability to take a look at every part of this business and react to what it is that it needs in each moment.

What do you want families with loved ones at Grace Pointe to know?

We are here, and we are not a faceless corporation that has picked a spot on the map and decided this is what we are going to do. We are a family, and we consider our residents and staff as well. I want someone looking at Grace Pointe to know that we know who their loved ones are, and they are not just a number.

What is your most memorable memory with a resident at Grace Pointe?

I can’t point to one single resident because they are all so unique. One of the really cool things that we are able to do at Grace Pointe is to take care of the people in this community that have served this community throughout their lives. We hear incredible stories of war veterans, Greeley community workers, and those who have raised their families in this community. I wouldn’t say I have a single special memory with one resident because they all have their own memorable stories. That is what is so cool about Grace Pointe… it’s an honor to be here.

We hope that if you visit Grace Pointe, you learn a little bit about the people that live and work here. After all, that is what makes Grace Pointe so special. In the meantime, meet more of our staff!