Jennifer Peterson is our new Director of Marketing! She graduated from UNC in Greeley with a degree in Gerontology and Community Health. Jennifer serves as a resource to families and creates connections with residents around campus each day. We sat down with her to ask her a little bit more about herself and why she chose Grace Pointe.

Why did you join Grace Pointe?

I knew that they cared. Every single day when I walk in the door, I know the staff is doing a good job and that the residents feel cared for.

What makes working at Grace Pointe different from your other healthcare experience?

Being in previous places, I didn’t get to know people on a personal level. At Grace Pointe, I’ve really enjoyed getting to know each person and their life story as well as their family. I like learning about their lifelong history.

What made you interested in working with seniors?

I was a candy striper in a hospital, and they put me on the geriatric floor. From then on, I knew that was my passion. I instantly loved working with seniors and knew it was where I belonged. I graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a Gerontology degree and Community Health. When I found Grace Pointe, I knew that it was going to be the right fit because I would be working with seniors but still being an involved resource to families and the community.

What do you like most about working with residents and families at Grace Pointe?

I’ve been able to learn so much about each resident. When I first started, Grace Pointe held a gathering so the residents could get to know me, and so I could get to know them. From spouses to careers, I love hearing all of their stories.

What is the Grace Pointe community like?

It genuinely feels like a community. As I walk down the halls, I see people reading the paper, and I can stop to make conversation. There are a lot of areas in the building where families can come in and even bring their dogs. It’s a very comfortable environment for everyone.


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