Shaun Leblanc is our Assistant Dietary Director. She started to spend time at Grace Pointe when she was in high school as a volunteer, and she quickly adopted a full-time role as a server before her role now. Shaun has “grown-up here” as she would say. We interviewed Shaun to learn a little bit more about her, her job and why she loves Grace Pointe.

“She is a very special girl. We love her. She is the most conscientious. She works hard to see the needs of the residents are met. She is pleasant.” – Grace Pointe Resident, Bobby

How long have you been with Grace Pointe?

Since 2012

How did you get to where you are now with Grace Pointe?

I started coming to Grace Pointe as a student to volunteer in high school. I helped dining by serving drinks, preparing tables for meals and rolling silverware. Once I was old enough to work full time, Grace Pointe asked me if I wanted to be on staff as a server. Although I really liked my time as a server because I was able to connect with the residents more, I love my role as the Assistant Dietary Director now. I feel like I have really grown up here.

What keeps you at Grace Pointe?

I like the people. Both the residents and my coworkers are so nice to be around. Being at Grace Pointe is like having another “little family.”

Tell us a little bit about the work that you do.

Originally, I never had an interest in cooking, so I started as a server. After a while, I realized that I wanted a new challenge, so I tried preparing food and really enjoyed it! When I cook, I feel like I am cooking with purpose. When the residents enjoy their meals, I feel immediate satisfaction. Bringing something special to their day, like the feeling of a home-cooked meal, is something I really enjoy. I love to try new recipes and give my own “razzle-dazzle” to a meal.

Outside of work, what do you enjoy?

I enjoy animals. I have two cats, one dog and I often foster animals. I also like to read, hike and be outdoors with my boyfriend.

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