At Grace Pointe, we are a community and a family. From our residents to our staff to our founder, we understand that everyone has a unique story to tell. We sat down with Steve, our Founder to talk to him about Grace Pointe and what makes it so special.

What Do You Want Families with Loved Ones at Grace Pointe to Know?

I would like people who have their family members at Grace Pointe to know that we are here to serve them and that is our primary mission. We make sure to respond to where they are in life and help them to the very best that we can.

What Is Your Most Memorable Moment with a Resident at Grace Pointe?

My most memorable moment at Grace Pointe is really a collection of moments and that is when we thanked by those we have served and by their family members for making their life the very best that it possibly can be. There isn’t just a single moment that sticks out to me because it is all of those moments in total that brings great joy to my life. It is wonderful to hear that from those that we serve because we know then that we have treated people like we want to be treated.

We hope that if you visit Grace Pointe, you learn a little bit about the people that live and work here. After all, that is what makes Grace Pointe so special. In the meantime, meet more of our staff!

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