It takes a whole team to provide the quality of care we strive for at Grace Pointe Senior Care Community. Each of our team members plays a crucial role in attaining a tailored level of care for each of our residents. We wanted you to meet those team members, so we asked them to tell their stories.

Meet Joanne Murphy

Joanne MurphyJoanne is one of Grace Pointe’s most adored original team members and brings a warmth that only she can provide for the team. She fills the role of administrative assistant and offers her warm smile to every resident she encounters.

Joanne is a Colorado native, having moved to the state when she was just three months old. Colorado remained her home up until she graduated from the University of Northern Colorado, after which she moved away from Colorado’s natural beauty to experience life elsewhere. 

Joanne and her husband, Joe share a taste for adventure. Perhaps their greatest adventure was starting a family. Together they have a son and a daughter who are now grown; her son lives in Greeley, and her daughter lives in Chicago with a family of her own.

Eventually, Joanne and her husband moved back to Greeley to help care for their aging parents, and it was during that time that Joanne joined Grace Pointe’s team. Joanne and Joe love Greeley and golf, and the combination of those loves has led to their participation in the Greeley Chamber of Commerce Golf Tournament. They represent Grace Pointe in the tournament each year.

In 2020, when Joanne’s daughter was pregnant with her second child, Joanne “retired” and traveled to Chicago to be there for the birth of her grandson. Her retirement lasted two months before she and her husband moved back to their home in Greeley.

Joanne is still a beloved member of the Grace Pointe team and holds the role of Administrative Assistant for Infectious Disease and Covid Testing Management. During free time, Joanne and her husband maintain their love for golf and travel and make a point to regularly visit their local golf courses when they aren’t exploring new locations.

Meet the Rest of the Team

Joanne Murphy is just one of our many valued team members. We look forward to introducing you to each one of those team members and hope that getting to know them will help our residents to feel even more at home at Grace Pointe. Click here to learn more about our team, or schedule a tour and meet the Grace Pointe team in person.

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