Sue grew up in LaSalle, Colorado on her family farm, where they farmed beans and corn and  had many animals including cows, horses, pigs, sheep and a mule. Sue laughs when telling stories about growing up. Her dad would only allow Sue to ride the mule, because she was too small to ride the horses. She loved to help milk the cows with her two younger siblings, Johnathan and Margie. Other hobbies Sue enjoyed were sewing, and playing the accordion and piano. Her family says she was a wonderful artist!

When Sue was in high school, her family moved to Washington State where her dad worked in the lumber industry. After high school, she attended Northwest Bible College in Seattle where she met her husband, John. After graduating from college, John became an Associate Pastor at an Assembly of God Church in Washington. Sue smiles when speaking of John who she says was her best friend and loved very much.  They enjoyed walks and studying the Bible together.  Sue’s family and faith have always been important to her. She’s proud of her accomplishment as a writer, she wrote and published Bible lessons for adults and children that many churches have used.  Her favorite was titled “Jesus Christ is Our Friend”.

Sue remembers loving her time in Washington, but it did rain a lot.  She missed the dry warm weather in Colorado so her and her family eventually moved back to the Greeley area. Sue and Johns were blessed with two daughters Beth and Susie.  Both her daughters married wonderful men who Sue considers to be her own sons and often refers to them as “her boys”!   Her children have blessed her with with many grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-great-grandchildren.

Sue says she enjoys living at Grace Pointe because she has many friends to visit, attends Bible Studies and visits with the staff, whom she is thankful for. She appreciates the staff for the way they care and make her feel like a person and how they speak to her with respect.  Sue also specifically compliments the Dietary staff at Grace Pointe.  She enjoys the food, which is especially important to all the residents.

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