continuum of care

When those of us at Grace Pointe Senior Care Community reference a Continuum of Care, what we’re really talking about is the ability to provide a smooth transition through the various levels of care we provide here at our Greeley campus.

Whether you’re here for the first time as a patient of our Rehabilitation Center, or you’re exploring the options of Independent Living, our experienced team of care professionals work to promote good communication between patients, residents, caregivers, and healthcare providers with the goal of keeping the resident or patient healthy and happy with the level of care desired.

If skilled home health care is desired, our team will assist patients in finding a home health care professional. However, our Continuum of Care also works within Grace Pointe. Our Continuum of Care concept allows residents to age in place at Grace Pointe Senior Community, relieving the stress and burden of having to relocate to a different facility based on varying care needs.

Individuals who become familiar and comfortable with Grace Pointe and our Greeley campus during rehabilitation or while residing in one of the independent living neighborhoods will not find their lives disrupted if they are in need of additional care services, even if the result is transitioning into assisted living, hospice or memory care.

Interested in seeing how our Continuum of Care connects our campus together? Click here to request a low-pressure tour of Grace Pointe today.

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