Warren is the son of a coal miner and grew up in Missouri. He has always worked hard and taken every opportunity he could find. During his Junior and Senior years of High School, he managed to work on the railroad and was still able to maintain perfect attendance in school. At one point, he worked for only 41 cents per hour!

After graduating High School Warren found work at a Steel Mill in Gary, Indiana. During this time, he stayed with his sister. Coworkers at the Steel Mill asked him why he was not in the service and simply did not believe when he shared his age of only 17. This motivated Warren to go straight to a recruiting center where he told them he was 18 and just like that he was enlisted.

Warren did basic training in Little Rock, Arkansas. Then, he was shipped off to the Philippines, where he went straight to war translating for the radio school. Warren was sent to a hospital in Denver after sustaining an injury. He fell in love with Denver and decided one day, he would make the city his home. He explained his exact sentiment, “Denver has got to be the place where I live”.

Before Warren started college in Nashville, he went back to visit his sister in Gary, Indiana. The neighbor came over and said she had a nurse friend coming to stay and expected Warren to take care of her. Warren and Betty met and spent five days together before she invited him to visit her in Steubenville, Ohio (home of none other than Dean Martin!). After the five days, Warren headed off to college. He soon after received news that Betty had lost her mother. Warren sent flowers and a letter asking Betty to be his wife. Betty replied in a letter saying she would like very much to be his wife. The couple married after knowing one another only 10 days. They enjoyed 55 amazing years and raised three children.

For a man who has seen it all, Warren is most proud of his time spent on the Denver Fire Department. In his over 20 years of service, he spent time as a firefighter and dispatcher. Warren told us, “I’ve seen it all…I’ve seen the good and the bad.” He is always ready to tell stories about his days with the Department and dearly loved his work as a dispatcher.

Building and carpentry is one of Warren’s favorite hobbies. In fact, he built three cabins from the ground up, including the electrical. The first time an inspector came to inspect, he asked Warren where he worked. Warren let him know he worked for the Denver Fire Department and the inspector decided it made sense that the wiring was perfect and never checked his work again.

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