Looking through all the different types of senior living options can be daunting and overwhelming for any family and their loved ones. Not only are there different facilities to choose from, but there is also the decision of what level of care you might need. The following guide will help to break down the most common types of senior living options in the market, along with all the information you might need to make an educated decision for you and your loved ones.

Independent Living

Ideally, most residents as they age will progress to independent living first. Independent living is a good option for those that are still active but don’t necessarily need any daily assistance. This living situation is typically for those seniors who would like to experience life with zero household maintenance worries and the convenience of on-site amenities, events, and social interaction. 

At Grace Pointe Senior Care Community, our independent living facility helps our residents maintain their independence in a private apartment while enjoying the peace of mind that community living, with security features and medical experts nearby, brings. It’s a fulfilling solution to help with the sometimes difficult transition from living on their own and allows them to keep some level of independence.

Assisted Living

The next level of care for seniors within a senior care community is assisted living. Assisted living care is, just as the name suggests, a little more assistance. Seniors are well-suited for this type of senior living option when they need some assistance with their daily activities. Residents will have round-the-clock access and assistance with tasks such as:

  • Eating
  • Dressing
  • Bathing
  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry
  • Transportation

Grace Pointe’s Assisted Living experience is designed to give residents the opportunity to have as much autonomy as the residents are capable of. Residents and their families work with the assisted living team to come up with a personalized care plan that they are comfortable with and it can be adjusted at any time.

Memory Care

Sometimes residents are in need of specialized care related specifically to seniors living with advanced memory impairment. In most cases, residents have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia. Because most residents who have this disease have very different physical and emotional needs, there are most likely specialized care services offered to support seniors with these cognitive challenges. Memory care staff are available 24-7 to assist and care for these residents ensuring they stay stimulated, safe, and cared for.

If your loved one is in the mid-to-late stages of Alzheimer’s or dementia, memory care facilities are an appropriate next step to consider. At Grace Pointe Senior Care Community, our Memory Care Facility is a specialized type of senior living option. We provide activities designed to tap into the interests and skills of our residents through activities and outings to complement the care provided to them daily.

Long-Term Senior Care

The last type of senior living care option most commonly available is long-term senior care. Also referred to as a skilled nursing facility or nursing home, they represent the highest level of care, if you were looking at the spectrum of senior care. These facilities provide round-the-clock, skilled nursing care from highly-trained medical professionals, as well as short-term rehabilitation services like physical and occupational therapy. Ideally, this level of care is a progression from independent living and assisted living, but often someone transitions after being treated in the hospital for an injury or illness.

Senior doing a puzzle at a memory care facility

The Long-Term Senior Care experience at Grace Pointe Senior Care Community is designed to be a comfortable experience in a warm environment while receiving care designed for your specific needs, with 24-hour monitoring and assistance by nurses and CNAs trained to address the everyday needs of residents in a home-like setting. Grace Pointe also has a comprehensive Senior Rehabilitation Center that has 26 studios dedicated to post-hospital, short-term rehabilitation.

Senior Care Continuum of Care Quiz

We hope this information helped supply you with the information to make a confident and informed decision for you and your loved ones. However, if you’re still not sure which level of care is best, we can help! At Grace Pointe Senior Care Community of Greeley, Colorado, our continuum of care provides a seamless transition for residents as their needs change, and our customized approach allows for flexibility based on true needs.

Not sure what services or types of senior living options you and your loved ones need? Take our Continuum of Care Quiz and let the expert team at Grace Pointe Senior Care Community match you with recommended services based on your answers.

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