The assisted living industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States – which makes the demand for RNs higher than ever before. What does an RN do in assisted living communities? Responsibilities can range from organizing nurses’ schedules to managing the total care of residents, depending on the needs of the assisted living facility.

At Grace Pointe Senior Care Community of Greeley, Colorado, our RNs are an integral part of our care department. Let’s explore what the RN does, the roles and responsibilities of the RN, and what it’s like to work at Grace Pointe as an RN.

What Is An RN?

RN stands for ‘Registered Nurse’ and is a healthcare professional who has graduated or successfully passed a nursing program from a recognized nursing school. They have also completed a set number of required clinical hours and passed a national examination. Beyond education, they can work in many settings and treat patients for a variety of conditions – one of them being a senior assisted living facility.

RNs are a part of a residents’ medical team and work with doctors to ensure that senior residents receive quality care and that all of that care aligns with their personalized care plans. At Grace Pointe of Greeley Colorado, our RNs have the critical responsibility of implementing care according to each of our residents’ care plans to ensure their safety, maintenance, or improvement of health long-term.

Responsibilities of an RN in Assisted Living

Now that we understand what an RN is, let’s dive into the specific responsibilities an RN can take on within an assisted living facility and answer the question “what does an RN do in assisted living?” At Grace Pointe of Greeley, our Assisted Living experience is designed to give residents the opportunity to have as much autonomy as the residents are capable of. Residents and their families work with their care coordinators to come up with a personalized care plan that they are comfortable with and can be adjusted at any time.

The responsibilities of an RN are to oversee and ensure that the care plan is implemented for all of our residents. They can wear many hats at an assisted living facility, but mainly their specific responsibilities can be:

  • Designating nursing assignments and setting work schedules
  • Managing the total care of the residents, including developing and adjusting care plans, administering medication, preparing IVs, drawing blood, giving injections, and motoring vital signs
  • Monitoring residents to ensure the effectiveness of their current care plans
  • Oversight of the residents’ health overall to ensure a high standard of care
  • Interacting with residents’ families and loved ones and reporting any changes in their health or care plan
  • Ensuring continuity of care by getting to know each resident and their needs

As you can see the responsibilities of an RN at an assisted living facility are very integral to the care any loved one receives. They are the staff member that residents and their families interact with the most to provide high-quality care. But now, let’s explore the skills and personality traits that RNs in an assisted living community should have to be successful. 

Skills Required to be an RN in an Assisted Living Facility

To be successful as an RN in the healthcare industry, RNs need to possess some skills to effectively perform their role. These can include critical thinking, organization, and effective communication skills. However, in an assisted living facility, the skills need to align with the nature and demand of providing round the clock care and supervision to residents in a long-term environment.

Registered Nurse (RN) caring for and hugging resident at senior assisted living facility

Soft skills, such as critical thinking, organization, and being an emotionally intelligent communicator, are very important in a long-term care environment like an assisted living facility. The RNs at Grace Pointe Senior Care Community of Greeley, Colorado are required to practice constant patience and compassion, as well as be able to constantly pivot to a new approach of care when current strategies aren’t quite working.

Benefits of Becoming An RN At Grace Pointe Senior Care Community of Greeley, Colorado

If you’ve made it this far, it’s time to discuss why be an RN at Grace Pointe Senior Care Community. At Grace Pointe, our mission is to Serve Others. Since 2009, we’ve been cultivating meaningful relationships between our team members, residents, and their families. As a local and family-owned business in Greeley, Colorado, when you join our family team, you’re joining a group of skilled, compassionate professionals who care about making a positive impact.

There are many benefits to joining the Grace Pointe Assisted Living Community as an RN, but here are some of the main benefits:

  • Our Culture. We believe in a culture of positivity built on competence, and more importantly, character, to produce the type of consistency that makes a world-class organization.
  • 401K & Vacation Time. We offer 401K options to all full-time employees in addition to vacation time.
  • Growth Opportunities. At Grace Pointe, many of our team members have been with us for a number of years and we prioritize growing our employees internally.
  • Health & Medical Insurance. Grace Pointe offers medical, dental, and life insurance policies to full-time employees.
  • Cultivating Relationships. We believe strongly in growing our relationships with residents and their families, as well as within our team.
  • Family-Owned and Operated. As a caring organization with a focus on relationships and serving others, Grace Pointe staff and residents are like family.
  • Work-Life Balance. We strive to maintain appropriate staffing ratios for a better employment experience and support a healthy work-life balance for all employees.

We’re hiring Full-Time RNs now at Grace Pointe! If you’re looking for a purposeful career that makes a difference in the lives of others, we’d love to hear from you. Apply Today on our Grace Pointe Senior Care Community Careers Page!

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