When it comes to your loved ones, when to move from assisted living to memory care can be as difficult to discern as any other care decision you’ve made. When you first noticed your aging parents were requiring increased levels of care, you made the tough decision to entrust that care to an assisted living community. Now, however, you’re wondering if their cognitive changes may require more specialized care.

At Grace Pointe we are most concerned with the well-being of your loved ones, and understand how tricky it can be to know when to make the move to memory care. We want you to be equipped with the tools necessary to know when to move from assisted living to memory care. Let’s start with a recap of who assisted living is best suited for.

When Assisted Living is Best

Assisted living is designed to provide as much autonomy as your loved ones are capable of, ranging from higher levels of supervision to only needing assistance with activities such as walking to meals. This form of care is a good fit for aging parents who require higher levels of assistance and promotes a balanced lifestyle as well as social interaction.

This form of care allows your parents or loved ones the opportunity to age in place while still being themselves. There may come a time when basic assistance for leading a normal life is no longer what they need. 

When to Move to Memory Care

Watching your loved ones begin to struggle with their memory can be unnerving. How can you help them through these changes? Memory care professionals are equipped to assist with this transition and have specialized training to help residents with dementia and Alzheimers. 

Memory care facilities operate with a higher staff-to-resident ratio, which provides your loved one with personalized care that aims to maintain routine and enhance their quality of life (APlaceForMom). This form of care can provide an increased level of comfort for patients who were previously living in an assisted living setting. The tailored approach of memory care helps residents to feel like they belong, and with the specialized environment, they can do more for themselves.

Spotting the Signs

Spotting signs that suggest a move to memory care can be tricky, and at times easily written off as “normal”. It’s important, though difficult, to catch these signs early. By appreciating a need for memory care early, your loved one will benefit from the consistent structure of memory care and afford them a smoother transition. 

This article provides an extensive list of the early signs for memory care, but here are a few of the big most prominent ones.

  • Displacement. This may look like wandering, getting lost, or elopement, which is when your loved one wanders away from a safe area, which are key factors in the decision to move to memory care.
  • Neglect for routine. Withdrawing from social interactions, scheduled activities, and normal eating habits, as well as ceasing to perform daily self-care. 
  • Increased aggression. This can be caused by an increased sense of fear or confusion, or from an unmet need they’ve grown unable to communicate.

Remember Who’s on the Team

Oftentimes it can be difficult to pick up on these signs on your own. When it comes to our loved ones, we naturally think of them as they always have been; capable and independent individuals. 

That’s why it’s important to remember who is on your loved one’s team. The assisted living professionals working closely with your loved ones will undoubtedly be the first to recognize an increasing need for memory care. 

Making Grace Pointe a Part of the Team

At Grace Pointe, we offer specialized support for our memory care residents. From Alzheimer’s to other forms of dementia, our staff cares for the varying needs of an individual’s diagnosis.

As your loved one’s needs become more complex over time, we provide activities that are designed to tap into their interests and skills. With Memory Care at Grace Pointe, we’ve designed a home for those you hold dear that encourages physical wellness and comfort, and enhances their quality of life.

Make Grace Pointe a part of the team and trust that your loved one is getting the quality care they deserve. Learn more about our memory care service and schedule a tour with our team of experts.

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