We all know that eating right and exercising regularly can lead to a longer life. But what about socializing regularly? Without a standard daily routine, it can be easy for seniors to spend more time alone. Seniors who spend the majority of their time in isolation are at an increased risk for loneliness, depression, and generally are less physically active which can lead to other health issues even if diet and exercise are consistent. 

At Grace Pointe, we understand the benefits of healthy socialization for seniors and offer a wide variety of social events and daily activities to keep our residents engaged. From group knitting, chair kickball, coffee chats, music & more, there’s never a dull moment at Grace Pointe. 

Taking advantage of these activities can lead to the following: 

Health Benefits:

Participating in social activities on a regular basis can lead to numerous health benefits such as lower blood pressure, a reduced risk for mental health issues such as depression, and even a potentially reduced risk for Alzheimer’s and other memory issues.

Increased Quality Of Life:

Long story short, being more socially active can lead to a longer, more high-quality life. By regularly attending events and being involved in activities, this can encourage a sense of purpose by being connected to interests. By participating in light physical exercise, this can also help with positive body image. It can also lead to more healthy behaviors in general! Instead of spending the day watching TV in isolation, regular social interaction helps seniors have something to look forward to, and to get ready for during the day. 

Growth & Learning:

Whoever said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks clearly never attended our papier-mache Christmas ornament class. Grace Pointe is constantly offering a wide variety of activities designed to foster new skill sets in a safe learning environment. Keep an eye on the events calendar and get in on the action. 

There’s always something new and exciting happening at Grace Pointe. Be sure to get in touch today to schedule a tour, or if you have any questions always feel free to give us a call at (970) 304-1919.